Writing samples

The following copy was written for specific businesses in particular industries. If you want to see other samples drop me a line via my Contact page – thanks!

Website copy

Your website is going to be the first – and, too often, the only – chance you have to show potential customers why they should work with you and not someone else. Let’s get this absolutely right.

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Email copy

There are many types of email sequence – and they perform a range of very different functions. If you don’t see quite the email sequence you’re after – fear not! – we can talk about it.

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LinkedIn profile copy

For thousands of businesses LinkedIn is a vital part – sometimes the only part – of their sales effort. When people visit your profile it’s because they’re interested in what you do – so make sure it’s a solid profile that works hard for your brand.

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Landing page copy

‘Landing’ pages are so-named because you click on, for example, a Facebook or Google ad or a social media or website link – and you ‘land’ on a page. That page can be short – a few lines – or long – pages long. It depends on what job it has to do.

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