Sales-oriented copywriting: arm your business with copy that informs, persuades and sells

Hello, I’m Gary Monro. 

I write sales copy for freelancers whose own business success depends on their ability

…to help potential clients recognise them as key sources of service and value

…to present themselves as unique in a sea of lookalikes. 

…to translate difficult-to-grasp concepts into simple, attractive ideas

…to turn unsure, reticent readers into certain, motivated customers.

Which isn’t to say it’s easy. But it’s so so necessary.

Because in my business and in yours we know one thing for sure: so many of our potential clients will make their decision about us based on what they read on our website…. in our emails… on our landing pages…

They read what we’ve written and, depending on how that affects them… they call us. Or they don’t.

So we better get that writing right. Right?

Well that’s my job. 

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