Websites as sales machines

A website could be pretty, creative and eye-catching…  it can sparkle and be the talk of the town, the apple of your eye, the spring in your step…

but if it doesn’t sell anything then what’s its purpose?

A website’s job is to make you wealthy, not to show off your website designer’s talents.

Even if your site gets lots of visitors, that’s not okay unless it turns visitors into – at minimum – sales leads.

It has to sell. It has to generate interest, belief and motivation and then turn all that into cash.

It doesn’t have to be blatant, in your face or ‘salesy’. But it still has to sell. 

It has no other function. 

It drives me nuts that so many businesses don’t understand this simple, first f…ing principle of business survival and flourishing. Sell. Sell. Sell.

Some of the worst websites in the world cost a fortune and look great. People enjoy looking at them because they’re memorable, impressive. The website owner absolutely loves the thing. He paid enough for it after all.

But visitors aren’t persuaded by loveliness. They don’t buy because of ‘creativity’. Yes, they appreciate it but, no, it doesn’t sell.

They’re self-serving, self-centred… selfish. They visited your site for their benefit, not yours. If you don’t give them what they need they’ll disappear. Quickly. 

Your website is a sales tool whose only job is to make the reader want the thing you sell.

However simple or complex your sales process, that website simply has to be moving the reader one step closer to a ‘buy’ button.

And it needs to ‘move’ rather than ‘push’ or ‘shove’. The moment a person feels like they’re being sold to… up go the barriers.

Thoughtful, properly crafted copy can be the difference between a website that reliably converts casual visitors into active buyers… and one that sits there looking gorgeous but converting nobody.

I know which one my business needs. It’s the same one yours needs.

Take a look at my own website: it’s not going to win any beauty contests.

But it does its job. People read it then call me. That’s all I want from a website. It’s all I – and you – need. Simple set-up, clear, persuasive copy.

I’ll write you something similar for your product or service. I’ll use your voice (I’m guessing you don’t want to sound like me) but I’ll take my attitude to your business. If I’m not helping you make money I’m not sure what the heck I’m doing as a copywriter.

So you’ll get the three Main Pages (Home page, About page, Services Overview page) – up to 500 words each – plus services description pages at 500 words each.

The three Main Pages together cost £1400 and the services descriptions are £400 each when all ordered together as a single project. The descriptions are actually short-form sales letters, written specifically to make the reader take that next step.

How do you know the copy will work?

Well, you read this far. And if you’re feeling persuaded by the case and tempted by the offer then… it worked.

Drop me a line by clicking here, tell me what you’re looking to achieve and we can talk about that.