Here’s what you need

Copy’s only purpose is to make the reader do something you want them to do. 

Which isn’t as manipulative as it sounds.

After all, all communication is there to achieve an effect. 

Honest copy that relays real truths to a potential customer is as good for that reader as it is for you. 

Be sure of this though:

However you write your website, your emails, your landing pages… those words have a definite and meaningful effect on the person who reads them.

What’s that effect likely to be?

Do you want that reader to consider you as a credible supplier, a reliable partner, a likely resource in their bid to build a business, a life, a relationship, a financial foundation…?

Or not?

You get one chance at this. My job is to tilt the odds firmly in your favour so readers of your stuff are actually being directed towards you as a supplier…

rather than away from you and into the arms of a competitor.

I create two types of writing:

1. Sales-orient copy designed to explain why you’re the premium supplier, settle doubts or indecision and make people either take the next step in your sales process – or to make an actual purchase. 

2. Content – which is explanatory or descriptive writing – blog posts, articles and similar – whose headline purpose is to educate, inform or entertain your reader but whose deeper purpose is to demonstrate your credibility as a provider and so secure a sale

I apply a vast array of strategies, tactics and approaches to achieve this. 

The only thing I don’t do is trick, deceive or lie.

These strategies, tactics and approaches can be applied to any number of different formats. Here’s what I wrote most of:

Writing websites as sales machines

I’ll write all the pages of your website with each one designed with a purpose in mind, and with a steadily deepening progression from ‘just heard about you’ all the way to ‘I’m ready to work with you’.

Read more about how I’d write your website here.

Creating ads / social media ads

Whether Google ads or social media ads (Facebook etc) these have a single purpose: get the viewer to click on the ad so they’re taken to your ‘landing page’. The landing page is where we convert the ad reader into a sales lead or a paying customer.

Click here to learn more

Landing pages

A landing page is where a person arrives (‘lands’) after performing some other action – clicking on an ad, for example or a link in one of your emails.

The landing page encourages them to take the next vital step as a customer – download your ebook, subscribe to your newsletter, book a call and so on. 

I write that page in a way that makes sure they do it. See here to learn more.

Email sequences

Also known as ‘autoresponder emails’ this set of pre-written emails goes out to your list at set times in a sequence designed to meet a sales goal. 

Email sequences serve lots of different purposes but ultimately they welcome new potential customers and deepen that relationship as a precursor to making sales. But a set of emails can be sent to someone for any reason where there’s a chance to develop a selling possibility.

Learn more here