Email sequences: earn while you sleep

A money-making website achieves two non-negotiable goals:

First, it converts visitors into sales leads. People come, they read, they’re persuaded and they do the thing you want them to do. Sometimes.

But, let’s be realistic about this: not everyone bites first time. They may be wholly convinced by your copy – so the website has done its job – but this might not be the time for them to be buying.

Doesn’t mean they don’t want to buy ever. It means they just don’t want to buy right now.

But later? Later, they could be very ready indeed.

Thing is… at that point, will they remember you even exist?

You can’t rely on that. So there’s a second thing a killer website does. 

Having got you firmly into the visitor’s mind as a credible, desirable working partner it makes sure you’re still front of mind when ‘later’ arrives – and they’re now in buying mode. 

And here’s how we do that

Your website offers a ‘lead magnet’ – a free resource that is useful and desirable for your ideal customer. To get it, they hand over their email address and you send it to them.

And now you have their email address – which means you can send them regular email contacts.

Those regular emails aren’t written as you go along. They’re pre-written, popped into an emailer service which sends them out to sign-ups at pre-determined intervals. 

The whole thing’s automatic. The set of emails you send over time is known as an email sequence and, over time, they build a relationship with that person.

(If you’d like to know the basics of creating a lead magnet, the different types and the steps to going from ‘got no lead magnet’ to ‘got a fabulous lead magnet!’ click here and I’ll send you it. And you’ll also be a recipient of MY email sequence…)

– describe the sequence you’ll write

– bit more here

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Email sequences turn a website into a sales system that works all day every day whatever else you might be doing. The sequence maintains steady contact with people who weren’t immediately ready to make contact with you – but who will be ready one day.