Hello there. I’m Gary Monro. 

I’m a Londoner, a park runner, an aspiring – but truly hopeless – astro-physicist, an occasional Buddhist, an unreliable Platonist and a manic tea and coffee drinker.

I practice intermittent fasting (intermittently), sweat through the occasional gym workout and I do just enough yoga to be able to claim that I do actually do yoga. 

I’ve had more jobs than I care to mention. 

For about 7 years I earned my daily bread as a direct salesman. Cold-calling, setting my own appointments, making presentations, creating deals, closing sales… that kind of thing.

I was good at it and it helped me buy a house and raise a family. But you can only spend so much time on the London Underground running from appointment to appointment before you start going a little doolally. 

I started writing sales copy 4 years ago. I got some expensive copywriting training and studied my craft all day every day. I never stop learning about copywriting and I absolutely love it.

Call me naive – people do – but one of the first lessons I gained as a copywriter was a bit of a shocker. 

I realised that average firms routinely succeed over great firms simply by marketing themselves better. 

Not by being better. But by more convincingly presenting themselves to their ideal market.

They don’t have to be great at what they do. So long as they credibly present themselves as better than you they’re going to take clients that, in a fair world, would have been yours.

I’ve seen this so many times. And it upsets me to speak with good people who are trying to do some good in the world and offer an honest product or service… only to be beaten by less capable firms who happened to hire a trained copywriter. 

I detest mission statements but if I had one it would read something like, I make sure my clients’ businesses are expressed so damned well that their ideal clients just cannot resist buying from or working with them. 

The people you want to sell to or work with need to recognise your expertise, trust in your process and believe completely in your ability to deliver on your promises.

The right copy can deliver that kind of subtle but persuasive power. And when it does then you have positioned yourself as a main – or the main – contender in your field. 

And that’s a pretty wonderful place to be!

I’ll be honest though: it takes some work to achieve this. I don’t just ask you half a dozen questions and then 48 hours later throw 3 pages of Google docs at you. 

Before you let yourself in for something that might frighten the bejeezus out of you it might be wise to see how I work. Click here and I’ll tell you.