Hello there. I’m Gary Monro. 

I’m an ex-Londoner – now an East Midlander – a park runner, occasional Buddhist, enthusiastic tea drinker and, best of all, father of two lovely girls.

I do intermittent fasting intermittently, the occasional gym workout and just enough yoga to be able to claim – with a straight face – that I do actually do yoga. 

I swim outside too. In lakes and stuff. 

I’ve got some O Levels and half a physics degree (the ‘easy’ half). 

In a past life I was a direct salesman. Cold-calling, setting my own appointments, making presentations, creating deals, closing sales… that kind of thing.

For seven happy years I’ve been writing sales copy. That is, I write the words that your potential customers will read… and from which they’ll decide whether or not to get in contact with you.

In other words, copy that is going to be the difference a new sales leads and no sales lead… between new business and no business.

One thing I don’t write?

The embarrassing, bland rubbish that infests so many websites, landing pages and ads.

Because in a sea of competition that dull, seen-it-all-before copy is representing you against a dozen other look-alike businesses… how will you stand out if you come across just as bland as the next guy?

Writing strong copy is hard work at times – brain-meltingly hard occasionally. Sometimes, when things are going really badly, I swear (quietly, of course – I have neighbours).

But I love the process of putting together ads and landing pages and email sequences and website pages and seeing how we – me and you – will evolve initial ideas into a derriere-kicking final result. 

A result that actually creates new business relationships, a strong sense of who you are and what you can do for people… and more money.

Your own copy should be making you the obvious choice for your ideal customers. If it isn’t then you’re losing money. We should talk – and I don’t do hard-sell, so relax.

Click here and tell me what’s going on. We’ll take it from there.

Or, take a look at the kind of copy I can write for you