Hello, I’m Gary Monro. 

I write sales copy for people who understand the huge business edge that persuasive writing gets them.

What is sales copy?

It’s words crafted to persuade your reader to make the next move. To take that next vital step in your sales process.

Whether that next step is to actually buy from you… or to book a call, or download your eBook, or sign up for your webinar or fill in your contact form…

The job of sales copy is to make it happen. To move the reader one or more steps closer to becoming a paying customer.

We can’t be relaxed about this

We get just one chance to build the trust and understanding needed to turn a website visit into a working relationship.

So our written words must provoke interest, inspire confidence and motivate action.

We absolutely must influence the way a person thinks about us and the services we offer. And we must do it quickly, first time – before they leave!

We must be bold and we must be clear. Because nothing is going to undermine our business ambitions more completely than copy that falls flat and leaves your reader unmoved.

An unimpressed visitor goes elsewhere… and works with someone else…

There’s no fluff here.

I know what I want to achieve for you. Copy that:

…helps people recognise you as a credible, reliable source of service and value

…presents you as something positively different in a sea of lookalikes

…translates difficult-to-grasp concepts into simple, attractive ideas

…turns unsure, undecided readers into confident, motivated customers.

Copy crafted specifically for your business and which gets to the heart of what your customer wants and needs is copy that is going to persuade and sell.

Which isn’t to say it’s easy.

But it’s so so necessary.

So many people form their entire opinion about you based on a little bit of reading of your website or your emails or your free giveaway.

If they weren’t impressed by what they read then you’re never going to hear from them. And they’ll never come back.

So we better get that writing right.

And that’s my job: to write copy that makes people want to do the next thing with you.

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